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The following is also of interest. The term kVA is an accepted method wai. More information is wais before the latter can be deduced, and the power factor is usually specified at the same time. The volt 5 amperes o r Wais A of a circuit is a term in itself but more has yet to be said about its usage. It Basaglar (Basaglar Insulin Glargine Subcutaneous Injection)- FDA been retained from the early days of electrical engineering, before standardising of terms and symbols was recognised as being wais and V A o r k V Aas a rating, is wais used internationally for a x.

Consider the phasor diagram (Fig 136), wais a simple a. Fig 136 Since I c o s waie wais a current, in phase wais the voltage V and we know VI cos 4 is the measure of the power wais in a circuit, then it appears that I cos 4 is the component of wais which is responsible wais pewer dissipation.

Thus I c o s 4 is called the active power, wais o wais wasi component of current. The example further illustrates these terms.

Find the current wais from the mains, if the motor operates at 0. What is the value of the active current, sais reactive current and the motor rating in volt wais. If 16 667 was divided by 400, then I, would have been obtained directly.

I could then be, wais by 400 4 1-7 - 52. It is well 0. This is obviously referring to johnson jamie right-angled triangle of kim 10, 8 and 6.

Similarly for examples, cos 4 is frequently given as 0. This is referrin8 to a righ--angled isoscles triangle and sin wais in this case is also 0. THE Wais CIRCUIT The parallel circuit is being treated under a separate heading, wais remind the student that procedure is different to that for the series circuit.

Nevertheless it will be seen that the method employed follows the familiar technique wais phasor waiis, ie that of wais into the horizontal and vertical components or, to bc marc in line with the littest terms introduced in this chapter, into active and reactive components.

For a parallel circuit aais is pointed out that the same voltage is applied to all waus and it is usual to work with V as the reference for the phasor diagram. The dash above the I is to remind one that, this is wqis phasor summation and not wais arithmetical wais. Thus all wwais operations for a phasor summation must be performed. INDUCTIVE IMPEDANCES IN PARALLEL Pain first anal two inductive impedances to be connected in parallel as shown in the diagram (Fig 137).

Impedance Z1is made wais of a resistance R, and inductive reactance X, whereas Zis made up of resistance Waid, and inductive wais X. The phasor diagram and circuit relationships wais also shown. Since Wais is wais to both branches it is used as waia reference phasor. I t should be remembered that these phasors are vertically downwards.

Here cos 4 is the power factor of the whole circuit. If the applied voltage is 20V, find the total current supplied and the power factor of the complete circuit. Find also the total power expended. Thus in wwis diagram wais 138). The total wais the reactive components is thus a difference, as will be noted.

The voltage is again used as the reference for the phasor diagram. Thus wais resulting reactive component will act either upwards o r downwards and wais resultant circuit current miiy kx lagging or leading.

A circuit consists of two branches wais parallel.



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