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Phil and ten Ph. He is a life member of CRSI, NMRS, IUCr, and Indian Council of Chemists. His research interests include organometallic and main group chemistry. Organometallic Chemistry To design platinum group metal complexes ligated by nitrogen donor ligands and to study their reactivity, structural aspects and their catalytic utility in homogeneous catalysis.

To study platinum group metallacycles ligated by nitrogen donor ligands, and study their solid-state structures, solution radiology learning and catalytic utility in C-C and C-heteroatom bond forming reactions. Selected Publications: Thakur V, Thirupathi N. Kumar R, Ujjval R, Thirupathi N. Mishra V, Thomas J M, Chinnappan S, Thirupathi N. Agarwal P, Radiology learning N, Nethaji M. Saxena P, Thomas J M, Sivasankar C, Thirupathi, N. Elumalai P, Ujjval R, Nethaji M, Thirupathi N.

Kumar R, Kishan R, Thomas J M, Sivasankar Radiology learning, Thirupathi N. Kumar R, Thirupathi N. Agarwal P, Thomas J M, Sivasankar C, Nethaji M, Thirupathi N. Radiology learning K Sharma Prof. Raj Kishore Sharma Dr.

Rakesh Kumar Sharma Dr. Dhanraj T Masram Dr. Brajendra K Singh Dr. Ram Kuntal Hazra Dr. The text is licensed under Creative Commons - Attribution - Sharealike. Additional terms may apply for the media files. Organometallic chemistry Radiology learning 0022-328X Journal homepage Online access. Invernizzi; (ECP Enichem Polimeri S. Acta, 222, 1994, 267-273. Sabatino Gazzetta Chimica Italiana, 125, 1995, 57-62.

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Acta363, 2010, 2055. C, 114, 2010, 9693.



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