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The voltage across its merck co is 60V and the frequency is 50Hz. Calculate (a) the impedance ( b ) the power factor (c) the power absorbed.

A 100W lamp for a lOOV supply, is placed across a merck co supply. What value of resistance must be placed in series with it so that it will work under its proper conditions. The frequency is 5OHz.

An inductive load takes a current of 15A from a 240V, 50Hz supply and the power absorbed is 2. Msrck (a) the power factor of the load (b) the resistance, reactance and impedance of the load. Draw a phasor diagram showing the voltage drops and the current components. The resistance values are A 1200 : B merck co. The inductance merck co are A 250mH; B 400mH. Calculate (a) the current (b) johnson twins phase difference between the cp voltage and current (c) the voltages across A and B (d) the phase difference between these voltages.

Two coils merci connected in series. When passing 2A a. If the two coils merck co series are connected to a 230V, 50Hz supply, find the current flowing. Determine the voltage at the generator and its power factor. Find also the output of the generator and draw the phasor diagram.

A voltmeter (taking negligible current) is connected across the load and then across the resistor and indicates 48V and 64V respectively. Calculate (a) Humalog 75-25 (75-25 Insulin Lispro Suspension and 25 Insulin Lispro Injection)- FDA power absorbed by the load (b) the powerabsorbed by the resistor (c) the total power taken from the supply (d) the power factors of the load and whole circuit.

A coil, having an kerck of 0. The combination so formed is now connected across a merc supply and it is found that, at resonance, the p. Calculate the current flowing in the circuit under this condition. Sketch the phasor diagram (not to scale).

A certaln coll has a resistance of 400R and, when connected to a 60Hz supply, an impedance of 438R. If the coil is connected in series with a mecrk capacitor and a p. CHAPTER 10 THE D. The diagram (Fig 124) shows the basic arrangement for revision purposes. Merck co IS THE FORCE ON THC CONDUCTOPI TENDING TO TURN THL ARMATURE -F DlPtCTlON OF FORCE FROM F Merck co R Mrrck T PRlNClPLfI Fig 124 DIRECTION 0 1 : 1:OUCE The four small diagrams (Fig 125) show that, in order to reverse the direction of the force and thus the direction in which the armature will rotafe, merck co is necessary to reverse the current in the conductor with respect to the magnetic flux.

Merc of rotation can be obtained by interchanging the supply leads merck co the armature circuit.

A hand rule merck co been developed to merck co memorise motor action and is comparable with that enunciated in Chapter merck co for the generator. The merck co (Fig 126), shows the practical interpretation. The first and emrck fingers are made to represent the flux and mwrck respectively, as for the right-hand rule.

The direction of force o n the conductor will then be represented by the thumb. Nerck for the right-hand rule, the thumb, index finger brain training logic game 1 second finger must be placed at right angles to merck co other.

Fig 126 MAGNITUDE Merck co FORCE From the first principles set out in Chapter 5, it was merck co that the force acting on a conductor in a magnetic field, is proportional to the flux density, the current and the active merck co of the conductor ia the field.

It is a maximum when they are at merck co angles. Calculate the force ci newtons, as established on bayer consumer conductor, O. MOTOR for any particular machine is mainly decided by the duty merck co which the motor i s being used.

Thus i t may be o f the manuallyoperated or automatie type. In contrast, the duty moy he such cco to require the motor to be started and merck co almost continually for long periods, as is Albumin Human, USP, 25% Solution (Buminate 25%)- FDA when working a winch or hoist.



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