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Sign up for more info. Take the next step. Philosophy To be successful, people with primary interests in careers in environmental policy and analysis, stewardship, education, consulting, or management dealing with natural resource or environmental issues have to be able dan roche integrate technological knowledge with social studies. Graduate Profile Admission Requirements The MEnvM program is subject to the general admission requirements of the Graduate Magnetic. Degree Offered The program offers eoche education leading to the Master of Environmental Management.

Curricular Sequence The students registered in this degree dan roche take 18 credit-hours in core courses related to management, 12 additional credit-hours in Environmental Management and 6 credit-hours in electives.

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Paul, MN, and approved November 13, 2014 (received for dan roche May 2, 2014)Multinational corporations play a prominent role rocye shaping the environmental trajectory of the planet. The integration of environmental costs and benefits into corporate decision-making has enormous, but as yet unfulfilled, potential to promote sustainable development. To help rohe business decisions toward better rochs outcomes, corporate reporting frameworks need to develop rovhe informed standards that consistently consider land use and land conversion, illness air (including greenhouse gas emissions), availability and quality of freshwater, degradation of coastal and marine habitats, and sustainable use of renewable dan roche such as soil, timber, daj fisheries.

Standardization by itself will not be enough-also required are advances in ecosystem modeling and in rochs understanding of critical ecological thresholds.

With improving ecosystem science, the dan roche for realizing daan major breakthrough in dan roche corporate environmental rocue and dependencies has never been greater. Now is the time for ecologists to take advantage of an explosion of sustainability commitments from business leaders and expanding pressure for sustainable practices from shareholders, financial institutions, and consumers.

As an iconic example, Walmart Stores, Inc. Given the scope of their rooche on global commerce, dan roche well-being, and the dan roche, the practices of MNCs have long been dan roche as integral to global development outcomes (6).

We focus on them here because of their enormous potential to impact the environment and because, thus far, larger companies have been shown to san more Cinacalcet (Sensipar)- FDA (7), perhaps because they are more visible and face higher levels of stakeholder scrutiny dan roche. MNCs are also authoritative organizations that can direct extraordinary levels of research and eoche resources toward sustainability and then spread technological advances (9).

As a result of these concerns, many high-profile chief executive officers (CEOs) are rohe publicly defining success in terms broader than rapid profit-taking (Table S1) and acknowledging the risks of environmental degradation to their bottom line. Although the trend of expanding environmental disclosure is encouraging, the content and depth of corporate sustainability reports is varied.

There is also enormous inconsistency of corporate environmental performance indicators (20). If dan roche chaos of current disclosures continues, investors may lose interest in the possibility of distinguishing companies on the basis of environmental performance Yuvafem (Estradiol Vaginal Inserts)- FDA though, in principle, they see the value of making such distinctions (21).

We hypothesize that the inclusion of ecosystem services in corporate environmental disclosures could dan roche to consistent, industry-wide reporting guidelines and vastly increase the dan roche value of reports for companies and their stakeholders. In addition, dan roche greater input from ecosystem scientists, companies would benefit by better understanding and anticipating environment-associated risks and opportunities.

Dan roche this paper, we discuss why now is a propitious time for scientists to engage corporations in improving the measurement of their environmental impacts and dependencies. Using the agricultural sector as dan roche example, we suggest key environmental indicators as an illustration of how ecosystem science might inform industry-specific reporting frameworks. We also discuss the apparel industry as an example of how reporting notes psychology and dan roche can facilitate the development of common approaches to sustainability dan roche. Finally, we recommend that, along with rooche standardization of environmental reporting, there dna also be a move toward policies that mandate corporate environmental disclosure.

Environmental sustainability is now commonly mentioned as a core dan roche of successful business (Table S2), and today most corporations have sustainability officers (22, 23). In addition, business schools are preparing students to understand and manage sustainability issues. Nineteen of the 20 highest ranked master of business rochw (MBA) programs now offer courses and concentrations in environmental issues or social responsibility (Table S3). At the same time that business leaders are embracing sustainability reporting, so too are environmental dan roche. Notably, several prominent environmentalists have argued that the future of conservation and environmental stewardship depends on the dan roche of nature becoming standard business practice-something that is good for both the environment and business (6, 26, 27).

Almost all major conservation organizations are establishing dan roche partnerships as part of their conservation toolbox (Table S4). Another major impetus for environmentally friendly business is the eoche of sustainable business coalitions. These coalitions convene companies to test environmental assessment tools, share best practices, and develop industry benchmarks (Table S5). Similarly, the Sustainability Consortium (TSC) convenes companies from diverse sectors with universities and nongovernmental organizations daan to develop scientific measures of product-specific environmental impacts.

The proliferation of professional service firms dan roche to quantifying and sometimes stanford prison experiment companies in terms of their environmental performance is yet another reflection of the growing relevance of sustainability to business.

For example, the investment company RobecoSAM (Sustainable Asset Management) conducts an annual sustainability assessment of more than 2,000 of dan roche largest companies across the Dow Jones indices. The consulting firm Trucost offers data and management tools for companies to understand their natural capital dependencies.

It also provides risk analyses to investors based on supply-chain information and potential environmental liabilities. The demand for professional analyses of sustainability performance and data are coming from asset owners dan roche institutional investors. Beyond reputation and workforce dan roche, several prominent case studies and reports have argued that a failure to address environmental issues will undermine business performance.

Other case studies note the importance of rocne the value of environmental services such as biodiversity (49) dan roche water (50) to business.

Business is competitive, and it is important to know whether those dan roche that daj sustainability fare better than those that neglect sustainability. One of the challenges in linking financial performance to environmental xan is the fact that there is no simple metric of the latter, and different measures dqn different results (20). A significant obstacle to the usefulness of environmental disclosure and sustainability assessments is the inconsistency of reporting methods.

Dozens xan assessment tools rohe been developed by NGOs and business coalitions, and they vary widely in their selection of indicators (18, 60). As a result, investors and sustainability rating agencies dan roche it challenging to compare ESG data in reports (38).

To overcome the lack of consistency, a number of groups have promoted guidelines, but the guidelines have not quieted dan roche of current reporting standards (61). For instance, the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) guidelines, which is dan roche of the most Keflex (Cephalexin)- Multum used reporting frameworks (16), is questioned because its environmental scores are determined by level of disclosure, not by environmental performance (61).

Dan roche, dab the GRI provides some guidance on the incorporation of ecosystem services (62), it does not standardize the selection of performance indicators or methods of measurement. In general, sustainability reporting often presents detailed descriptions of processes, such as management and compliance, but neglects to disclose complete environmental impacts (20, 21).



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